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We can bring the workshops and all of our state-of-the-art training systems directly to you

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Imagine learning how to fly an airplane out of a textbook, or, learning to play a piano with only a music book. It’s virtually impossible!

Now imagine trying to learn hydraulics the same way – just a textbook. No hydraulic system, and no components, just words and pictures in a book - it’s almost impossible.

There is a reason why Rory McLaren is one of the most respected, and sought after hydraulics teachers, in the world. When he teaches hydraulics he doesn’t just bring textbooks to his classroom, he also brings along, not one, but several, fully-functional hydraulic systems along with all the components – in fact almost every component featured on the FPTI™ website will be onsite.

Whether you’re looking for a workshop that is guaranteed to increase personnel safety and reduce operating costs, or you’re a teacher who wants to shift gear from mediocre to brilliant, call Rory. He will share his knowledge with you with so much enthusiasm and passion that you can’t help but learn. If there’s nothing more you learn from Rory other than safety, you will never again be unsafe around hydraulics – never!

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